Hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for the high demands in the construction industry.

HYCON pumps are VORTEX pumps. VORTEX pumps are designed especially for dirty water with even very large solids. They have less wear on the impeller due to the Vortex design.

Hydraulic pumps may run dry all Day without breaking down.

The impeller at top sets the water in a circular movement and by centrifugal force a centre of air shaped like a cone will occur.

This way there is very little contact between the water and the impeller, and wear is greatly reduced compared to other types of pumps. In other types of pumps the water is pumped directly by the impeller, which is therefore worn much faster.

Pumps of the special VORTEX design have longer life and can pump larger solids.

The pumps have a very big capacity – up to 204m3 per hour.

Can be connected to HYCON power packs or excavators, trucks, tractors, etc.