Rock Drill

The HYCON HRD20 rock drill is the only tool on the market with built in air flushing and 4 different settings of blow frequency and rotations. The investment in a HYCON HRD20 rock drill and a HYCON powerpack is therefore the best investment on the market.

The rock drill is characterized by a very high performance in relation to weight, and its high quality means long life. The drill rods are hex 22x108 mm, and therefore all standard drills can be used.The rock drill can be connected to a HYCON powerpack or excavators or the like.

Maximum recommended drilling performance is ø45 mm and approx. 3 m deep.Depending on the circumstances, the rock drill can reach a drilling speed of 3½ - 10 cm per minute. For holes deeper than 800 mm it needs additional air supply.

Technical Data
Oil flow, l.p.m. 25-30
Working pressure, bar 115
Max pressure, bar 150
Tool chuck size, mm hex 22x108
Rotation Counterclockwise
Weight, kg 20
Noise level 1 m LPAdB 95
Noise level LWAdB 107
Air supply max. 0.08 m³/min./2 bar
Vibration level, m/s² 23.6