HYCON Hydraulic Powerpacks

Powerpack Diagram

HYCON powerpacks are designed for professional users who expect maximum operating time, low service cost and durability. Professional users expect machines to work when they need them.

The concept of HYCON powerpacks is to offer high performance, compact, low weight packs and with a minimum of wearing parts.

The heart of HYCON packs is the ring cooler that enables us to design a pack where all moving parts are mounted directly on the engine shaft.

This way we achieve 100% alignment which ensures the low wearing cost and the long lifetime of our packs.

Our ring cooler secures optimum cooling in all conditions and does not get clogged up by dirt etc and can be cleaned by high pressure washers. Also all coupling parts are protected inside a housing ensuring maximum lifetime.

A HYCON powerpack you can rely on.

Ring Cooler