Earth Drill

The HED earth drill is used for the drilling of holes for fencing, sign posts, masts and planting jobs. A hydraulic earth drill offers many advantages compared to a petrol drill:

  • higher performance
  • forward and reverse rotation
  • ASCO safety system ¹
  • no exhaust fumes
  • no vibrations and no noise
  • low weight
  • simple and sturdy design
  • easy to hold when drilling
  • no service

The HYCON HED earth drills runs for years without service costs, and it drills through even the hardest soil conditions with many stones.

¹ Stops immediately if the auger gets stuck

Technical Data
Weight, kg. 19.6
Oil flow, l.p.m. 20-40
Working pressure, bar 80
Max. pressure, bar 210
Built-in torque limiter, bar 90
Noise level 1 m LPAdB 91
Noise level 1 m LWAdB 100
Vibration level m/s² <2.5