HYCON Hydraulic Cut-Off Saws

Cut-Off Saw Diagram

The hydraulic cut-off saw from HYCON is available in 3 versions 14”, 16” and 18”. All types can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting. They cut all types of concrete, steel, bricks, asphalt etc.

Cutting power up to 18 HP.

A hydraulic cut-off saw is a very sturdy tool intended for cutting even under the most extreme conditions. It is completely unaffected by water and dust, and all parts run in oil.

The saw is built for hard use day after day without breakdowns. The fact that the saw is always working and does not require service means higher profits than with e.g. a petrol saw.

Hydraulic saws have no heavy petrol engine blocking the view and that is often difficult to start. Hydraulic saws have no vibrations, no noise and no exhaust to your face. They have no airfilter getting clogged up with dust and require no service. They do not need 2 stroke petrol on the jobsite.

The cut-off saw offers top safety with the integrated ASCO System.