Hydraulics Intro

What To Know About Hydraulics

The benefits of hydraulic tools are numerous. Hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, run and maintain, leading to obvious cost reductions for the operator. The rugged design of the machinery also offers trouble-free performance and powerful, but economic performance.

The hydraulic solutions from HYCON offer our customers a number of significant advantages.

For instance, the 68 kg HYCON HPP09 Powerpack, with its strong steel frame, can be loaded into a van and transported straight to the working site. HYCON powerpackshave fewer wearing parts and are easy to service, because the cooling system ensures minimum fuel costs and maximum cooling efficiency.

You can also expect to be impressed by our breakers. The HYCON breakers can be used for both demolition and tamping. The breakers are totally unaffected by mud, sludge and heavy dirt. Common problems on most construction sites do not stop the breakers from working

Furthermore, the powerpacks and tools can be operated in conditions of -20°C and +50°C. Our customers do not suffer from freezing problems in the winter.

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