The right tool for the right job

Why hydraulics are the way forward...

Choosing the right tool for the right job can often be a critical decision, especially in the demanding construction and mining industries. Normally, pneumatic tools are used for demolition because they have the power to break medium to strong concrete. Electric breakers are used for softer materials like brickwork and light concrete. However, hydraulic breakers have the highest striking power and will break all kinds of materials.

For instance, a 20kg hydraulic breaker and a 9hp powerpack have more power than the average pneumatic tools, meaning they can carry out the same jobs. In addition, such tools are easy to transport and require lower investment.

HYCON is one firm that is addressing this requirement. The company produces and markets a series of hydraulic power tools – powerpacks and breakers together with tools for cutting and drilling.The benefits of hydraulic tools over other types are numerous. Hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, run and maintain, leading to obvious cost reductions for the operator. The rugged design of the machinery also offers trouble- free performance and powerful but economic performance.

Hydraulics - HPP13

A lot of companies have to tow compressors weighing several hundred kilos to their site. While a compressor must have licence plates, tyres, brakes and lights, a hydraulic powerpack needs none of these requirements. For instance, the 68kg HYCON HPP09 powerpack, with its strong steel frame, can be loaded into a van and transported straight to site. They have fewer wearing parts and are easy to service, while the cooling system ensures minimum fuel costs and maximum cooling efficiency.

A HYCON HPP09 powerpack with a 9hp Honda engine has the same power as a 25hp compressor, and whereas a 25hp compressor burns up to nine litres of diesel per hour, a 9hp powerpack consumes just one-and-a-half litres – saving up to 60 litres of diesel during an eight-hour working day. An added bonus is that the investment in one 9hp power pack and a 20kg breaker is normally at least half that of a 25hp compressor/breaker set.

Hydraulics HH20

You will also be impressed with the breakers HYCON had to offer. The HH23 breaker has an impressive blow energy of 85 Joules. In the past they had used pneumatic breakers for demolition jobs, but HYCON’s breaker can be used for both demolition and tamping.

It also lives up to expectations when used as a ramming tool, for tasks such as putting up fences. Furthermore, with the machine able to operate in conditions of -20°C and +50°C, extreme temperatures pose no problems for the HH23 – and you will no longer suffer from freezing problems in the winter, as with pneumatic tools. The fact that the breaker is totally unaffected by weather conditions means that mud, sludge and heavy dirt – common problems on most construction sites – do not stop it from working.

  • The tools are small and compact but offer greater power than other tools
  • They offer a closed circuit – no dirt can enter the system
  • All parts run on oil and, which means a longer life
  • The tools are smaller and easier to transport to and from sites
  • They have integrated safety systems

Another interesting application of the HH23 breaker is in water protective areas. The breaker is 100 percent non-pollutant and is therefore the perfect tool for use in sensitive areas such as water protective sites and streams. There is no need for expensive or protective measures. However, the tool most frequently used by the company today is the handheld HYCON core drill. Even though the company already possessed a line of petrol-driven core drills with drilling rigs, this is where the company experienced the greatest gain.

The bottom line is that hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, to keep and to run...

  • Using only one powerpack, many different tools may be connected for reduced investment and increased performance.


  • Powerpacks from 9-18hp, petrol/electric/diesel
  • A powerpack for any job
  • Very strong frame, high quality components with a long lifetime
  • Power packs are simply built with few wearing parts
  • No servicing – just work and make a profit


  • The perfect drilling tool for any concrete – even with reinforcement
  • Built in safety system, meaning no injuries to the user
  • Closed system, meaning no problems with dirt or water
  • The tool can be used under the worst conditions – even underwater
  • The cheapest way to drill holes


  • The cheapest way to cut in concrete, asphalt, etc.
  • All parts are protected and run in oil, meaning no service costs
  • Performance much higher that other tools
  • No problem with dirt going into the air filter and into the engine
  • Automatic safety cut-off system means nobody can get injured
  • Cut horizontally or vertically, on land or underwater
  • Perfect for road repairs


  • Hydraulic pumps are very simple with a high performance
  • Can run dry without any damage
  • Long lifetime equates to big long-term savings