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HYCON Quality Programme

“Quality is never an accident – it is always the result of intelligent effort”

Zero Failures

HYCON has a clear defined strategy on our quality. We want to be the leading manufacturer of the highest quality products in the market. It is our objective to reach zero failures and we are very close to reaching that objective. Customers today are very demanding in terms of high quality and it is our aim to fulfil their expectations.

All products undergo thorough end control testing according to firm control procedures and all test results are stored in a database. With this system we can always track each individual product back from 2002. It is a watertight quality control system and it is working!!

HYCON Quality Control System

We have set up a system where we have described procedures of all our actions throughout the entire production chain from selecting raw materials to the final control of each individual product.

We manufacture through suppliers, but they are all supplying according to our specifications. It means we are in complete control of the manufactured quality.

All parts are manufactured according to our design and specifications and all parts are inspected upon receipt and protocols kept on file.

HYCON A/S Quality Programme