Hycon Demo - Sydney Trains | Blog

Posted 25-06-2015

Airplant Services Demonstrated to Sydney Trains the use of the Hycon HPP6 Power pack and a HH20 Jack hammer for Ballast Tamping


Looking for an alternative to the current machines used for ballast Tamping, Airplant Services with Hycon provide a solution.

Why choose a hydraulic breaker over a pertrol breaker?

  • Much Lower weight
  • Easier handling (slim design)
  • No exhaust fumes in the face
  • Will always start
  • No need for two stroke petrol
  • No services - all parts run in oil
  • Hydraulics is already on the job site
  • Higer Performance
  • No service means lower cost
  • Better TLC (Total Lifetime Cost)

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a demo please contact us