Hycon Demo AR+R | Blog

Posted 25-06-2015

AirPlant Services has joined forces with AR+R Anchoring rope and Rigging to help provide a complete package.

AirPlant Servcies was present on the AR+R feild day showcasing the HPP13 and the HH27 Jackhammer to install the Huck Earth Anchors. Also the HCD25-100 and the HRD20 Rock Drill. Anchoring Rope and Rigging has become a Dealer to suply the Hycon Equipment needed to install the Huck Earth Anchors therefor AR+R are able to provide thier customers to provide the complete install package.

If you would like more information regarding Huck Earth Acnhors please visit http://www.arandr.com.au

If you like more information regarding Hycon please contact us here.